To browse the infamous site of
While tubing last night, i found this mad soccer vid.
by coinroller July 28, 2007
Shitting into one's sock, then after, this act is done, beating another person, or persons with the shit filled sock.
Damn, this sock is dirty from all the tubing me and you mom did last night
by wierd235 August 28, 2006
the act of smoking marijauna through a water cooled pipe, commonly known as a bong, preferablly made of glass and exceeding 12" in height.
At times of emmence stress and boredom, it is always fun to go tubing with your friends... and yes, it is considered a water sport.
by Eddie Torrez June 21, 2006
Sexual act in which a man ejaculates into a garden hose or similar object, and then is sucked out of the hose by another individual.
Sally was quite turned on by the idea of tubing with her boyfriend.
by Savka Mladenovich May 02, 2004
A good way to hurt yourself on the lake or in the bedroom. Must I say more?......
I hurt all over from tubing!
by funkybirds June 16, 2006
Having sex with another person who is the size of a fucking yacht!
You just went tubing last night with that chick didn't ya?
by kman June 20, 2004
The act of sneaking up behind someone, without being seen, and sucking the shat out of them with a straw.
"Hey Jim I'm bored, let's go tubing" "Sounds like a great idea Alex!"
by Carmelo Osperelo January 28, 2015
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