verb, The act of consuming a coctail of sprite, 3 vicodin, and NyQuil.
Dude, we tubed our asses off last night. OR, Dude, we'll be tubing in 10 minutes.
by Jewmangi July 16, 2008
The act of searching through many youtube videos, trying to find the best one. Similar to "Surfing", but specifically on
Pete - "Hey dude, lets go tubing"
Will - "alright, let me go on youtube"
Pete - "We need to find the sickest video!"
by XeScience January 22, 2009
The act of combining 3 finely crushed vicodin, 3 tablespoons of grape cough syrup, and sprite. Result is a sweet, purple solution that has great intoxicating abilities.
"Dude! Im tubing my balls off!" OR "You wanna go tubing?" OR "Oh man, I'm tubed out of my skull"
by Abort 2k8 August 09, 2008
beating someone with a sock that you have previously shitted in
A:Thats some good tubing boy!
by scottysullivan October 03, 2006
the act of beating off in a tube sock and leaving it under your roommates pillow
Dude, did you go tubing last night?!

HELL YEAH! you sould have seen Matts face when he woke up in a pile of jizz!
by pandaguy March 29, 2011
The act of shitting in another persons ass via a tube. Once thought to be preformed with nothing but a tube, recent studies have shown that a mechinal device; ie a motor, is a must to create a suction to aid in the process of said act.
"Man, Katie got so turned on when I tubed her, I straight shit in her ass."
by Natochan[LS] February 08, 2005
Where a group of people look at Youtube video together at a party.
Hey, we were tubing at this party last night and saw this awesome video.
by byesdi September 30, 2010

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