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When a server is overloaded by over-zealous using.

Althought the term was created by PA, tubing is not only through their linking to other pages.
The forum was totally tubed cos people (you know who you are) were posting all this useless stuff.
by Cheezu$ June 06, 2003
TUB - Thrown Under the Bus or Throw me Under the Bus.
No one wants to take the blame, so when I'm not around i get TUB'ed. When upper management gets backed into a wall, they like to TUB, just to get the target off their back.
by James Francisco, jmscisco January 13, 2009
Fig. Fucked
As in fucked from the ass with a tubular object
Cops! We're tubed!
You say you lost it? Are trying to tube me up?
by dzfez September 15, 2006
See slashdotted, but replace with
Man, my site just got tubed! Thanks a BUNCH, Penny Arcade!
by Legato February 21, 2003
stoned to the gills; from: "Pulling Tubes"
The movie was rather dull, until I got tubed
by Derek Wohlust May 19, 2003
Dont give a sh*t about guys; on to the next one!

Talk to several guys at once when they think you are only talking to them. Technically a girl form of a guy
i wish i was as tubed
by fndshcdjs December 02, 2010
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