A slang term for a man's penis, or commonly a hot dog is a poor man's steak. Since a hot dog is in the form of a tube, it is called a tube steak. Also referenced in the ZZ top song, tube steak boogie, boogie, woogie baby, boogie woogie all night long
1. Did you see the size of that Hot Dog! That is more like a tube steak. What a meal. Baby!

2. Dude 1: Did you see how that fine girl handles that tube steak?

Dude 2: Yeah, man! She can sure Boogie Woogie!
by Chitown nut September 10, 2013
Worst rapper of all-time
TubeSteak: Donald Duck, Goofy, Mickey Mouse Nigga, I'mma punch you in the fuckin mouth nigga, you'se a care bear nigga, you was never there nigga............... I eat chocolate bars nigga, you'se a chocolate bar nigga
by Waka Wayne October 09, 2010
When a dinner date that turns into a blowjob, this is the name of the main course.
"Hey, how did your dinner date go?"
"Splendid! I made her some tubesteak followed by manchowder for desert!"
by taoistmoon January 15, 2012
Full Metal Jacket quote: "I wanna stick my tube steak into your sister. What'll you take in trade?"

This refers to a sexual barter done both in military and prison environments, whereby one individual lubricates an armpit ("his sister"), and allows another individual to use it for simulated copulation. The armpit serves as a vaginal substitute for the penis ("tube steak"). Pressure could be varied by arm compression and flexion, for a more pleasurable simulation. "Trade" ranged from money, to supplies, to cigarettes, to chores and duties.
by Trivia Sleuth November 25, 2013
Hot dog, sausage, cylindrical meat product. Don't know what these other definitions are talking about...
This tubesteak is scrumtralescent!
by ghotistix November 25, 2003
What 12 year old virgin boys and fratboys think is the funniest word ever. Notice all the other definitions are written by people who consider themselves comedians by just repeating the same infantile giggling about "t-bones".

Often, these very same people will grow to develop a liking towards Dane Cook and South Park (not for satire, but because they want to be like Kenny). The older ones are the types who watch Entourage and lock gay kids in their dorm.
Dude, I totally got that gay nerd to show his tubesteak to me, that wasn't gay or anything, right?
by Poopyunderwear August 10, 2010
penis slang somewhat aside, "tubesteak" can also means someone who is, or is behaving like, a dumbass or an asshole or both.

pretty much always said of guys, not of women. can be used either out of real irritation and anger with someone or in a joking manner among friends.

this meaning likely derives, in part, from the bodily slang of the above definitions (i.e. being a dick), but also from something a bit less vulgar...namely, referring to someone as a tubesteak is similar to calling him a meat popsicle, or a human, tube shaped, brainless column of meat.
dood, Joe was such a fucking tubesteak on saturday when his drunk ass dropped that whole case of beer on my rug.


are you serious? she's hooking up with that tubesteak fratfuck from alpha alpha alpha?!
by lewaazz November 06, 2005

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