Feces, crap, poop
Muxx ate a big bowl of chilli and now he's in the shitter filling the bowl with tube steak.
#shit #crap #feces #poop #dung
by OTAYdawg August 15, 2008
Top Definition
Army lingo for the male sexual organ; the penis. Typically used in the phrase "tube steak & white gravy," a reference to an ejaulating penis, inserted into one of the drill/platoon/top sergeants' numerous gay slurs directed at subordinates.
"You're going to love the main course at the chow hall," the D.I. told the raw-ass recruit. "It's tube steak & white gravy and you can have all you want!"
#pecker #cock #wang wang #jism #jizm #jizz #splooge
by Tummy AuGratin February 26, 2006
A curious food of variable sizes whose owner is always looking to feed it to someone else. Found both domestically and abroad, this delicacy is commonly served with a robust white sauce.
Bon apetite.
My woman was getting hungry one night, so I threw down the tubesteak. I can't believe she ate the whole thing! We're so very proud.
by AnalSpittoon December 22, 2004
Beef in cylindrical form.
Slang for male genitalia.
My, that's a tasty tubesteak! I sure like it in my mouth!
by josh November 05, 2002
Tubesteak keeps it real and calls out niggas that don't
"We out here doin grown man shit,I roll with goons man, straight uneducated dumb mothafuckas"

"You sound like you swallowed a harmonica nigga." -calling out T-Pain

"He don't even even support the troops nigga!" -calling out Aaron McGruder

"I talked to kids everyday and none of them mothafuckas tell me they wanna be president. You know why? Cause I fuck with real nigga lil' kids. All they wanna do is be out here with Tubesteak slangin' that co-caine nigga" -calling out Barack Obama
#hatin' #failin' #keepin-it-real #postin' up #slangin-that-shit
by light_post January 26, 2009
A man's penis, also known as cock, dong,man meat, 1 eye monster, willy
I want to give that hot blonde girl a nice big tubesteak hoagie later on tonight, that should fill her right up
by Ken Mayo July 02, 2003
Slang term for a penis.
"Put your tubesteak back in your pants Julia..."
#penis #cock #rocket #firepoker #pink sinker
by BanditJeff May 17, 2009
Full Metal Jacket quote: "I wanna stick my tube steak into your sister. What'll you take in trade?"

This refers to a sexual barter done both in military and prison environments, whereby one individual lubricates an armpit ("his sister"), and allows another individual to use it for simulated copulation. The armpit serves as a vaginal substitute for the penis ("tube steak"). Pressure could be varied by arm compression and flexion, for a more pleasurable simulation. "Trade" ranged from money, to supplies, to cigarettes, to chores and duties.
#tube steak #sister #full metal jacket #sex simulation #military
by Trivia Sleuth November 25, 2013
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