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the act of being on youtube.
"what's good? nothinn, just tubin it."

"hey this is boring, let's tube it."

"ey i put that video on the tube if you wanna watch it."
by Dood 7X March 01, 2008
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A verb. To Tube something, meaning to search for something on
- I cant find that song. - Well "tube it" then.

- Never heard of him. Gotta "tube him" later.

- I was "tubing" around yesterday when i noticed this awsome singer! U just got to "Tube her"!
by Jesper Eriksson March 22, 2007
8 1
Shorthand for saying that you are going to watch something on You Tube.
I heard Florence and the Machine were on TV last night. I'll have to tube it.
by LadyOMyGod January 22, 2011
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As in "Google it," "Tube it" refers to look for something on YouTube.
#1: I'm looking for a demo on how to tie my shoelaces.

#2: Tube it. They've got everything on there.
by luapf May 10, 2010
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