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a fat fuzz ball of a cat who is so obese that when it lays down you cannot see its legs or feet
Tubbys is so fat that i think she needs to go on a diet
by Capt. Guido September 30, 2010
2 5
Someone who is fat but plays sports such as basketball. He or she might be active or healthy but they are still fat grenades.
Haha look at Cole Higgins he is such a "tubby". Omg Sam Reeves is such a "tubby" grenade.
by Chinkyster April 29, 2011
11 15
mix of being fat and retarded
that dumbass was soo tuby she is looking "tubby"
by ilovetubby1234 November 03, 2010
15 30
A handsome young man who is succesful in everyhting he does, and doesn;t need to go jogging at town lake to prove it
Chris is so tubby, all the girls want him and all the men want to be him
by Stephen Hawkings March 11, 2005
37 68
a person who is known for messing people about
dude, he's pullin a tubby on you
by jack foxy baby October 11, 2008
5 37
Someone who is fat and worthless .. they usually resemble a big ball with arms and legs .. sadly to say some start to purge themselves
My best friend Sonya the greek is seriously fat, i wish she would loose weight .. but shes my best friend and i lover her mucho o yea ... i like to call her tubbykins
by benedetto May 19, 2006
27 61
bryan a fat person that hates to be called tubby

also a white person who is poor

stop denieing ur fat tubby its ok we still love you
tubby even if you had money i wouldnt go out with you lol
by emma October 20, 2004
17 52