1. A former tax accountant whose pitiful existence is spent flogging ATMs to convenience stores and bowlos in South East Queensland.

2. Of or pertaining to Paul Heick.
I gotta get me some C-notes from that machine Tubby installed.
by Serge May 24, 2004
An extremely fat person who resembles a ball with arms legs and a very small head. they are often seen eating "freedom" fries and other fatty foods
Hi Tubby
by general_hamster March 14, 2003
Actually, Tubby is an acceptable nickname for your large friend as long as he's cool with it. so go ahead and call your fat buddy tubby, because as long aa the right people say it, it can be quite a good name.
Hey Tubby, where did you get those submarines?
by Justyn AKA Tubby August 09, 2006
one who is rotund
Daniel is a tubby fool, as is Marshall and Adley.
by Bastardized Bottomburp April 01, 2003
A very fat person who loves to eat Burger King to the point that he believes he is the Burger King... He loves to live a Fat lifestyle and uses food to describe things and his favorite outing include food.
"Tubby must eat burger king on several occasions."
by Ohm September 08, 2006
The act of deceiving a male into thinking your performing oral sex, then lifting his legs and licking his anus.
Dude I thought I was about to get blown, but then she went in for a Tubby!
by BubbaBuns2 November 10, 2010
Chunky , Chubby
Wow , you're getting tubby.
by Your _Mom November 09, 2013
Female breasts exposed thru the television medium
Halle berry's tubbies looked great in swordfish
by Brohammer6565 January 18, 2014

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