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A tubalub originates from the latin words fat fool. A tubalub also known as a "Montana" is a large piece of elephant dump normally found in the sahara desert. A tubalub recently has been modernized and has recently been used upon people as an insult. When used as an insult it relates to a tub, as in the person is fat and after some interviews i have discovered that the "alub" creates the fun of this word. A tubalub recently also has been known to be the description of an idiot or someone who is utterly unintelligent. I can conclude by saying that this word should NOT be used with discretion as it is a "funny" insult. By this insult being funny it makes the person receiving the insult, due to their idiocy laugh and not understand the insult. This is the perfect insult to get your frustrations out upon an idiotic friend without getting yourself in trouble, instead they will laugh and think that it is a funny word.... this is because they are brainless. As well, they may respond to "tubalub" with a very awkward yet funny facial gesture... this of course depends on how moronic your friend is.
A tubalub is one of your moronic friends
by asdaa January 24, 2008
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a hairy penis
Kerry Goof
The big tubalub was on his head and rolled down to his feet!
by hairy pairof testicles March 12, 2005

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