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Tub means tall ugly blonde. It's an acronym. There are a lot of these out there. Especially the ones that from the back look cool, and you're like, hey maybe I'll pick up that hottie. Then she turns around and you're just straight outta luck son.
Guy 1: "That blonde over there looks awesome from behind - I'm trying to get a look at her face"

Guy 2: "Yeah man, hope she doesn't turn out to be a tub"

Guy 1: "Damn she turned around and she's totally a TUB!"
by unifer March 13, 2010
7 8
An invention used to wash your filthy ass in.
Albert was so relieved to wash his fat stankin ass in the tub.
by Mr. Dwayne May 31, 2005
128 52
Refering to someone that is overwieght.
"Hey tubs, why don't you go on a diet?
by Dexter October 02, 2003
78 40
a name for a fat person
"Hey Tubs, Don't Hog The Potater Chips!"
by Holly October 08, 2003
42 11
The nickname for the fat kid
Look at tubs' fat jiggle
by JadL October 05, 2006
32 7
A person who is a bit more than chubby but not fat or rounded.
Person 1: Hey did you see that fat kid?
Person 2: He's not fat he's a tub.
Person 3: You are a tub.
by Thedragonquest9nerd April 24, 2011
9 1
Turnt up bitches.
We about to get TUB on this boat.
by Deidres May 24, 2013
5 0
To get with, tap, hook up or have sex with a girl.
Are you gunna tub tonight?
by TubMaster December 12, 2010
14 11