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A definition made by someone who can't fucking spell Bandit.
The tub girl bandet strikes again!
by Darken Rahl February 04, 2005
Unkown person(s) who sets the computer's homepage at longmeadow high school to

Then, innocent computer users sign on to use the internet, when a disgusting picture of an obsese woman eating her own shit comes up on the screen. The victims try to close the horrible site, but can't stop cringing in fear.
Joe: We gotta do some research. Get over here
Bob: Whoa man! Watch yourself, last block someone went on this same computer and tubgirl popped up

The tub girl bandet strikes again!
by Lemonparty March 11, 2004
Two Juniors, C.M. and G.A. believed to be the Tub Girl Bandits.
C.M. and G.A. love
by Milf December 06, 2004
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