your mom, but in spanish.

used to diss people, but then make them laugh when they realize what you said, so you get away with dissing them

also can be used as a retorical question, usually said sarcastically
(guy that isn't talking to you)
dude you wouldn't believe what i did last night
(you, slightly annoyed that this ass is talking so loud that you have to hear him)
tu madre(?)
by richarred January 30, 2006
Top Definition
The Spanish form of the interjection your mom.
John: You ugly loser.
Mary: Tu madre!
by Aubrey March 17, 2004
your mother in spanish
used like the phrase your mum
Boy; What are u doing?
2nd Boy; Tu madre. Did you hear that?
Boy; Hear what?
2nd boy; That was the sound of u getting pwned. :o)
by mnyar23 May 29, 2010
the Spanish way of dissing another person's mom
¡Tu madre es caliente en la cama! (Your mom is hot in bed)
¡Tu madre es muy estupida! (Your mom is very stupid)
by vv007!!! March 18, 2006
The Spanish version of "Yo' mama"
(at least that's what us English-speakers think it is...)
Bob: Tu madre es feo!
Pedro: Umm...ok...your mom is a kind person, too...??
by the sane maniac February 02, 2004
something the kids in 812 say to piss off andwele..
us: hey andwele, guess what?!
andwele: what?
us: tu madre.
andwele: SCREW YOU
by Kenneth Jones 812 January 19, 2011
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