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what the first person above me wrote is almost correct. However, in spanish, "es" is the conjugated verb of "ser" for if you wanted to say "ella es" or "el es" (he is or she is) Becuase "tu" means "you" in spanish, and the conjugated verb of ser for "tu" is "eres" then the proper definition would be "tu eres muy bonita"
"tu eres muy bonita" not "tu es muy bonita" it would be like saying "you is very beautiful"
I'm taking spanish 1, and I know this, and I still can't get an "A" in this class.
tu eres muy bonita" or "tu es muy bonita" actually means "you your very pretty"
the correct way to say it is "usted es muy bonito" means "you are very pretty"
tu eres muy bonita" or "tu es muy bonita"
not "usted es muy bonito"
would be like saying "you your very pretty"
by GirlPimp December 01, 2007
It means you are very beautiful in spanish. Some people use it to holla at spanish girls because its the most spanish words they know.
Hey baby! Puerto Rican princess! Tu es muy bonita baby!
by J-lizzle June 21, 2005
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