this used to stand for ta ta for now but is now meaning "time to fuck now"
The page from my boyfriend said, "ttfn" so I gotta go.
by Nick Starr April 04, 2007
Time to fuck now.
Uses the alias Ta Ta For Now b/c user of TTFN is leaving to get some action.
-Marlon just came over. So...TTFN!
-Alright. Have fun and don't make any babies xD. Later Later...
by Dani C. January 05, 2008
Talk To u Fucking Never.
(wrapping up a typical txt msg with a raging slut):
so u performed n a queef fetish porno with my dad 2 weeks b4 we met? ppl were right aboot u... rot n hell n TTFN, whorebag!!
by Naggers69 May 24, 2010
A polite way concocted by Disney to have Tigger say "titty fucking" on Winnie the Pooh without scaring children or their loving parents.
Tigger: TTFN!
Pervert: OMG, he just said titty f'n!
by koolkalifornia May 27, 2008
"time to fuck now"
This is a variation of "ta ta for now" and is mainly used as an inside joke after both parties have discussed the possibility that "ttfn" could easily stand for "time to fuck now".
Mike: okay, I am off
Michelle: alright, ttfn
Mike: ttfn ;)
Michelle: lol, I doubt it.....
by coolgurl88 May 10, 2008
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