Mother natures sense of humor. It is defined as a large wave crashing on the shore of a random third-world country, sacrificing the lives of those stupid enough to be in the way for the mild amusement of others. In order to avoid negative attention from people who pretend to care about people other than themselves, it is defined as a catastrophe instead of entertainment.
justin: did you hear about that tsunami that killed over 400 people? Chris: yeah, that was pretty funny i guess. A valcano would have been way funnier, though. Justin: what the hell is wrong with you? Chris: oh, tsunami? Yeah, sure, thats sad, i guess. I thought you said, um, salami. Justin: that doesn't make sense. Chris: your mom's a whore.
by feral polecat January 24, 2011
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One of the ocean's deadliest and flashiest weapons in its continuing war on humanity.

The ocean rises up and sends a sweeping wall of itself onto land, killing as many people as it can. The forefront of this assault is called a tsunami.
The ocean must be held accountable for these blatant displays of aggression.
by Ocean Truth Society March 02, 2005
Japanese for big wave. Tsunamis can be generated by earthquakes, underwater landslides, and in rare cases, giant meteors striking the Earth's seas or oceans.
If a giant rock from space hits the ocean, the coasts and islands will be wiped off the face of the Earth
by AYB May 27, 2003
a big fucking wave!
a tsunami destroyed the whole eastern seaboard!
by potman March 05, 2003
a) A giant wave generated by an undersea earthquake, landslide or by a meteor impact.
b) Splashing of water in the toilet caused by plopping a big turd.
I plopped a huge one and the tsunami it caused splashed my ass all over
by Hugh G Rection September 19, 2003
A tsunami is a bathroom prank that can be performed as follows:
1. Wait for one of your buddies to use a public bathroom stall.
2. Fill up a couple of buckets of water and gather outside the bathroom with other willing participants.
3. Walk into the bathroom and shut off the lights.
4. Get your helpers to start banging on the walls of the stall while yelling, "TSUNAMI," at the top of their lungs.
5. Dump the water on your soon to be ex-buddy.
6. Run away. It'll be a few minutes before he finishes up and starts looking for you.
We gave Brett a tsunami last night! He was pissed!
by The BFD May 31, 2008
A Japanese word meaning "wave train," that causes the water to retreat on several occasions back into the ocean and striking again with an unrelenting force of liquid terror. Why? Because mother nature is a bitch.
"Look mommy, all the water disappeared! Instead of being responsible and running away like the rest of the people, why don't we go walk out onto the beach? Surely nothing bad will happen like a Tsunami!"
by HellsingDMC November 01, 2014
In Ohio, it means you are about to get it in, in Japan, it means your shit just got fucked up.
Molly Jordan is about to try to tsunami Owen Dorsey, unless he calls a Japan
by O-Dorsey March 18, 2011
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