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1 kickass Punk rock band with some of the best songs ever (lemonade and Take the reigns)

remeber all those time u gave me shit and i made lemonade outta it
by Jeni November 05, 2003
Killer NorCalian rock'n'roll band, whose singer is not only wicked hot, but can actually sing and write songs that don't suck ass.
When I'm alone with Emily, I know what we should do. And we're gonna need some tissues when we're done, proly.
by Danny Delinquent December 05, 2003
the best mother fuckin band ever... Tsunami Bomb rock's my world.
Agent M, you rule girl
MIke is the best guitar player, ever!!!
by TB_Freak September 02, 2003
Awesome punk band from Petaluma, CA. Agent M, the lead singer is amazing for a punk band. They broke up in 2005.
Dude, are you going to see Tsunami Bomb at the Phoenix?
by rHoOo October 07, 2008
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