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its when the person who is being called a trisexual is down to do anything and everything. Hence theyll try anything.
Ian's mom is a trysexual cuz she's down to try anything!!
by silly_megz May 24, 2007
noun: a person who is willing to and/or has tried anything sexual anyone can think of with any other person or animal or inanimate object male or female
Todd: Dude, did you see Pete eating out Jimmy's ass?
Earl: Yeah, like, he's a total trysexual!
by Botched Abortion January 21, 2004
A young guy that is such a horn dog that he will try most anything sexual.
My buddy Shawn is a try-sexual: he fucked his girlfrind Mandy and her fag-hag buddy Travis.
by James Savik October 01, 2006
Person who will try anything
Can be used for both genders

From Cheech and Chong's Movie The Corsican Brothers
Try-sexual guy : You gonna eat all of that apple

Try-sexual girl : Anybody got a ruler

(Examples not from movie)
by AIZ February 23, 2008
A person who is willing to try anything or any one at least once! Does not mean there gay or a rug muncher, only unless they developed a sexual tendency to same sex play time.
I'm a trysexual I'll try anything once.
by apple4adam735 March 29, 2013
A person willing to do anything or has tried anything sexual, with a man, woman, or man-woman.
Nick: Yo jon Id totaly rail that chick if i was trysexual.

Jon: Ill do it! Cause im trysexual id try anything sexual
by Optotron August 21, 2010
A person who will try anything sexual or have sex with anything.
That trysexual guy just had sex with a hermaphrodite that was became a man, then a woman, then he screwed a brick with a gerbil in his ass while riding a bike on a high-wire over San Francisco gay parade dressed like a dead ballerina.
by Wordsmih June 19, 2014