Usually used in an online game when typing. It's when one tries to type but then gets killed also known as tryping.
player1: Hey can someone tell me where to (BOOM *DEAD*)

player2: gotcha fa**ot

*DEAD*player1: aw f&*# you! i was tryping

player2: well trype faster
by Mr.ShafT June 03, 2009
Top Definition
Usually getting on instant messaging services after a night of partying. The results are usually disasterous but still comical. Tryping is the act of having to try really hard to make what ever your saying readable to another person. (trying + typing)
Mandy- I wasg out parytign tonihgt.
Joe- Wow, how much did you drink?
Mandy- Ogh, not to muhc.
Joe- You need to work on your tryping.
by Zachhh May 13, 2006
Attempting to type and failing horribly
Dude: zyo
dude: yto*
dude: TYO**
dude: YO***
girl: nice tryping douche
by jimmyjesus March 29, 2009
Trying to type something and failing at it at the same time.
Chloe: you both are failing at typing because your grammar is atrocious.

Aaron: she's not typing, i'm the one that's tryping!!

Chloe: tryping?

Aaron: shit.
by BRWOOOO December 20, 2010
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