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Trutch is a putridly infested vagina, cunt, hairy battleaxe wound, DNA dumpster, cum recepticle.
There's no way i'd go within 100 meters of her disgusting trutch
by Ricky69696969 January 25, 2007
The street name for an inverted penis
Dude A: 'Dude, you know that girl last night?'
Dude B: 'Yah dude, she had really wide shoulders dude, nice ass doe'
Dude B: 'Dude, that chick wasn't a chick, it was a dude'
Dude A: 'Duude! Did you see it?'
Dude B: 'Nah dude, he had a trutch yo'
by kantdestroyer September 30, 2013