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Trutch is a putridly infested vagina, cunt, hairy battleaxe wound, DNA dumpster, cum recepticle.
There's no way i'd go within 100 meters of her disgusting trutch
by Ricky69696969 January 25, 2007
4 2
The street name for an inverted penis
Dude A: 'Dude, you know that girl last night?'
Dude B: 'Yah dude, she had really wide shoulders dude, nice ass doe'
Dude B: 'Dude, that chick wasn't a chick, it was a dude'
Dude A: 'Duude! Did you see it?'
Dude B: 'Nah dude, he had a trutch yo'
by kantdestroyer September 30, 2013
4 0