the plural of trunt.

a bunch of group of trendy cunts.
usually over the age 25.
here come a bunch of trunts
by fuckoffanddie March 27, 2005
Top Definition
verb: To kick in the cunt.

noun: A kick to the cunt.

truntee - One who has received a trunt / One who has been trunted by a trunter.

trunter - One who delivers a trunt / One who trunts a truntee.
If you dont shut up and get on with the washing up i'm gonna trunt you into next week!

I gave him/her a right good trunting.

alt: Proverb

A trunt a day keeps the babies away.
by markwalker84 April 14, 2008
triple threat twat
Andrew Stone from Pineapple Dance Studios, Louie Spence Showbusiness & Starman. He is a first class trunt
by lalouka May 05, 2011
When "trou" simply won't do. Combines the general worthlessness of "trou" with a level of malice only "cunt" can provide. Best used when wronged by a trou or when witnessing an especially offensive example of trou-ishness.
That fucking trunt seriously just gave be a negative COR for not showing up at a rape briefing.

I wouldn't give that stupid trunt a glass of water in a desert.

I wish that trunt had children so I could kick them in the head and stomp on their testicles.

Look at that fat trunt try to slide her Hudson Hips up the shelf!
by greyhoggin October 17, 2011
1) A fuse of the word "turnt" and the word "trippin"
2) you are so turnt that you misspell 'turnt' as 'trunt'
"Dude I was going crazy last night, I was trunt af."

"Hey man, come over to my place, I get a keg."
"Fuck yeah, let's turn trunt."
by LeDom Wames June 27, 2014
A deliberate mispronunciation of turnt, for the purposes of seeming cooler than the rest.
yo I'm getting so trunt tonight. #trunt
by yajiv October 02, 2014
(noun) 1. a person, typically a female, who exhibits a chronic lack of courtesy, tact, integrity or essence of redeeming value while committed to the attempted destruction of others; 2. a female without evidence of a soul. Etymology: American English; sourced to the combined meanings of the words Cunt and Troll= Trunt.
The current decade seems riddled with political trunts such as Sarah Palin and Jan Brewer.
by the crimson quill April 19, 2011
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