A purchase or aquisistion that is kept in the trunk of one's car, awaiting a more oportune moment to reveal to friends, family, especially ones spouse.
Yeh, I bought the crazy expensive shoes, but they're trunkers until that party on Friday night.
by obabakoak May 22, 2006
Top Definition
Any person with a disproportionately large ass (i.e., with junk in the trunk).
"Sorry it took me so long to run to the store. There was this trunker in the cat food aisle and I just couldn't get around her!"
by scott5114 December 21, 2011
UK construction industry slang term for air conditioning Ductwork erectors. Sheet Metal ductwork is also known in the industry as 'trunking', hence, trunkers
Electricians = Sparks
Carpenters = Chippies
Steel erectors = Iron Fighters
Duct Erectors = Trunkers
by mark bates August 01, 2006
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