way of being after consuming way too much alcohol.
Jamey went to the bar last night and got so trunked that he couldn't even see straight.
by Rebecca April 18, 2005
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To be penetrated rectally by an elephant's trunk and in rare cases an elephant itself.
"Josh was trunked all day yesterday"
"That trunking was especially bad"
#elephant #anal #trouble #death #rectum
by The elephant friend August 04, 2014
the act of hiding in the trunk of a car while drunk at an early morning hour for the purpose of surprising and scaring someone
Whoa! Did you hear that Stephanie got trunked on Nardito Ave. to surprise Vik?
#trunk #car #drunk #scare #surprise
by awesome or awesome August 20, 2010
(A)The act of forcing a person into the trunk of a vehicle. (B) The act of temporarily putting a dead or beaten person in the trunk of a vehicle.
(Pat) Hey man have you seen Jim? (Jeff) No, I think Lisa's brother trunked him.
#killed #beaten #beat #assbeating #murdered #ass whooped #mafia #gang #jumped
by junit483 March 12, 2010
When you have been drunk texted, some texts you while they are drunk
I got trunked by my ex last night. She says she still loves me... and that she threw up all over herself.
#drunk #text #texted #drugged #drink
by Trunk the skunk January 22, 2010
A state of intoxication between crunked (party drunk), and totally F**king wasted.
Ryan: Whats good b?
Pete: Just flippin, need an ell.
Ryan: True, Y'all getting TRUNKED tonight?
Pete: trunked?
Ryan: Yes, it is a state of intoxication between crunked (party drunk), and totally F**king wasted.
Pete: Indeed
by P 2 da Q June 26, 2005
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