A state of intoxication between tipsy and drunk.
"Shit i dont want to get drunk again, im just going to get TRUNK"
by Dan02 December 17, 2005
pussy or ass
"this junk in my trunk ain't made fo chumps!" ~lil kim
by Nose April 09, 2003
The back of something, outside.
We can takes dis shit to da trunk, nickel!?
by da-sauce August 07, 2004
Verb: To pull down, rip off or remove a male's swim trunks.
"Let's trunk him."

Past tense: "I've been trunked." "I trunked him."
by the-w123 December 11, 2005
Particularly low in quality. An unfavourable event or item. Crap.
That movie "Alien Resurrection" was fucking trunk!
English is a very trunk subject.
by Lenny Corbett August 02, 2004
a large, uncut, cock
I shoved my trunk in her ass
by Jdub March 08, 2003
To get Trunk-You get so drunk you end up in a trunk trunk+drunk=trunk
brian got so drunk he was trunk
by T a k June 20, 2006

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