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an illegal act,trying to take something that doesn't belong to you away,not just simply steal something.
Convicts tried to trunk any piece of the hardwares in the storage.
by F.A. EXpert April 15, 2009
8 14
The stage between Tipsy and Drunk, where you still control most of your body, but you can talk more easily.
person1: Woah man! What happened to you last night?
person2: I was so totally trunk last night!
person1: Ba-oom!
by FullySlick November 22, 2005
21 28
trunk link in networking refers to a link in switched network with VLANs. Basically its a link that more than 1 VLAN (configurable) can use to tranfer data.
The link between those 2 switches is trunk. Rest of the links are access.
by Necroskillz May 23, 2007
13 21
when one has consumed too much tea, basically the caffeine high is labeled with the word "trunk"
man i've had like 7 cups of tea and i'm soooo trunk
by tea-a-holic June 21, 2006
12 28
The act of being so tired that you act as if you were drunk.
It's late, I'm starting to get trunk.
by Laura Hallock July 03, 2006
10 28
To be both tired and drunk at the same time.
Man, I stayed up for 36 hours straight then got drunk. By the end, we were all getting trunk.
by King of Trunk April 04, 2006
16 37
pussy or ass
"this junk in my trunk ain't made fo chumps!" ~lil kim
by Nose April 09, 2003
15 37