To shove your head into a girls pussy, making a slurping noise.
Did you trunk that girl last night?

Yeah, she took it deep.
by Wheelerx January 09, 2012
A drunk tramp or slut. A female who when intoxicated is loose in morals.
She is such a trunk. Every time she goes out drinking she goes home with a strange man.
by Dano111112222222 January 17, 2013
A slang word for a large, flaccid penis.
"Did you see that guy's trunk? Jesus, he could pick up peanuts with that thing."
by Marquez1000 April 28, 2013
noun. When your dick and balls are hanging over either your underwear or pants while being put on forming the shape of an elephant. The penis being the trunk.
*In the locker room*
Guy: "Hey dude pull your pants up you have a trunk,"
by daaawwwmm May 28, 2012
50s bathingsuit expression (male).....sure beats a Speedo
We grabbed our trunks and headed off to the beach.
by Jake March 07, 2004
The opposite of crunk. Where as crunk is crazy + drunk - suggesting almost a stimulative effect; trunk, or trunked, is tired + drunk, suggesting an almost pass out state not involving pass out quantities of alcohol.
Man I've slept like 6 hours in the past three days, a couple of shots and a bottle of wine later I'm totally trunk.

I was crunk of my ass earlier, but things kinda caught up to me and now I'm trunk off my ass, I'm going to bed.
by At Full Speed While Crying March 12, 2009
When one's anus protrudes slightly as a direct result of excessive anal sex.
Hey Sarah! Roland says you have trunk!
by iamaverycoolguy October 04, 2006

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