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The area under the chin before the neck. It is very sensitive and a very sensual place to touch.
She touched my trundle last night. I wish I had shaved.
by msu29 June 24, 2011
To rhythmically drum on the buttocks of a lover or sexual partner.
"Dude man, last night I trundled this chica with a huge behind!"
by TheMarkSanford June 26, 2009
Pooping in a sock then as a sign of camaraderie and playfulness, smacking them in the head with said poop filled sock.
Friend: so we put shaving cream on your face while sleeping last night.

Me: ooooh man you're gonna get a trundle comin to ya soon. Be on the look out bro.
by Lorenzo Guappo March 21, 2014
A trundle is someone who you adore beyond belief (a best friend/family member) who happens to offend you greatly without meaning to do so. Someone who you want to wound without causing permanent damage.
-Hey Kat, don't you have mono? Or was it HiV?
-What?whatwhatwhat GABIE YOU TRUNDLE
-But not permanently.
-Oh. You're right. Cool. Sorry.
by NickiNirvana July 12, 2013
To have a girl sleep in your bed without having sex with her.
Slice trundled a girl last night at We-Fest
by meatdrapes2 August 08, 2011
To plod along. to trod to trudgeDrag your feet
As Joe walked, Trevor trundled along behind him.
by MariaLyn June 11, 2007
1) When a fat person barges (or trundles) through a crowd of people.
2) When a fat person tries to move quickly in a given direction. A cross between a waddle and a trudge.
Watch Fat Sallie trundle through the line of people to the buffet!
by blaa91 April 14, 2008