you're seein all this crazy shit, trippin out. then you realizeyou gotta poop, the act that results (taking a shit while getting your head blown) is a trumpkin
i never thought a poop could ever get better, then i trumpkined
by poter987noogs1 October 29, 2008
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giving a
blumpkin to Donald Trump
Yo did you see that bitch on the Apprentice? The only reason she got that far was because she was giving Donald Trumpkins every night
by Edwin Gaffney February 01, 2006
The act of sexually pleasuring a band member with the bell of ones trumpet.
I gave that kid a trumpkin after we played Stars and Stripes, it was so patriotic.
by miniburbs April 11, 2010
gettin a blowjob from DONALD TRUMP while takin a shit. Once u ejaculate in his mouth, or even worse, pull an angry dragon, that pud says "ya fired".

origin: blumpkin variations: kumpkin
donald trump cant give tht bitch, amorosa, trumpkin cuz her dick's to damn big
by cawlahmahtee/bambee May 28, 2009
A reverse blumpkin. When a female is sitting on the toilet, taking a shit, and fellating a dude standing in front of her.
That bitch is so freaky, the blumpkin wasn't wild enough for her. I hear she is now obsessed with the trumpkin.
by Antonio Blackcock November 07, 2008

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