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giving a
blumpkin to Donald Trump
Yo did you see that bitch on the Apprentice? The only reason she got that far was because she was giving Donald Trumpkins every night
by Edwin Gaffney February 01, 2006
Fanatic follower of Donald Trump in his quest for the presidency.
Donald Trump attended a rally surrounded by thousands of Trumpkins.
by rmorrow149 December 17, 2015
A die-hard Donald Trump supporter that would be willing to give Donald Trump a blumpkin.
Everytime Donald Trump talks about deporting a Mexican I want to give him a blumpkin, I'm such a Trumpkin.
by R.Barkley January 16, 2016
TRUMP-kin A sexual act in which a person takes a supernaturally huge shit on the entire country while major news networks take turns fellating them.

The entire 2016 presidential campaign season has been a massive trumpkin.
I'm left with the hot musky umami of trumpkin every time I accidentally watch the television news.
by highchromiumdiet April 26, 2016
The act of misinformed Americans collectively sucking Donald Trump's dick while he shits on the world.
Donald Trump receives Trumpkins from all his followers.
by PurpDerp June 24, 2016
The act of sexually pleasuring a band member with the bell of ones trumpet.
I gave that kid a trumpkin after we played Stars and Stripes, it was so patriotic.
by miniburbs April 11, 2010
A orange colored, gourd shaped melon with a pulpy flesh. Instead of tasty seeds this Mellon just contains stupid ideas
Hey Trumpkin, you're a looser!
by BirdieSanders July 08, 2016
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