Stupid, racist, homophobic bigots that stand behind Donald Trump and everything he believes in. (white people)
KKK MEMBER: I'm a trumpet
AJ CONNOR: ...shameful
by BJ Bonnor December 09, 2015
A polite way of saying 'cunt', from the Mr Tourette cartoon referring to the Salvation Army as 'Trumpet Cunt'
"My landlord is a proper trumpet"
by special yellow December 30, 2011
An instrument played by egocentric douchebags who think they're better than everyone else. Usually, they wear Polo, coral colored shorts, and Sperrys. If you don't play trumpet, they will hate you forever. They talk crap about people they don't even know. They also drive Mercedes, wear Raybans, and have retarded Afros. They tend to be rather rotund.
Random person: "Hi."
Trumpet player: "I'M BETTER THAN YOU!"
by tromBONER69 September 24, 2011
Trumpets or toots his or hers own horn. Says it like it is. Defines his or hers own space. Is not afraid to speak out. Is not afraid to speak freely about their own beliefs or political agenda
Toots or trumpets his own horn!
by Thomas Terrio August 27, 2008
UK slang word for cocaine.

Lets go score some trumpet.
by EzGoingKev December 25, 2008
When you fart against an inanimate object the amplifies the sound of the fart.
"Dude, you totally just trumpeted the wooden chair!"

or another way to say it:

"Last night my grandpa totally played the leather couch trumpet!"
by SeptemberAnna July 12, 2012
A bisexual person of either male or female gender, so named for the two ends of the trumpet.

The bell of the trumpet represents the vagina where one may place one's face mimicking the act of oral sex on a female.

The funnel represents the penis where one may place their lips and blow or buzz, once again mimicking the act of oral sex, this time applied to the male genitalia.

See also: study the trumpet
A trumpet is a person who studies the trumpet.
'Are you bisexual?'
'What do you mean?'
'Do you study the trumpet?'
'Oh, right. Yes, I do, Ross.'
by W.D. Stevens January 20, 2012
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