1.Gods girt to the marching band.

2.The awesomest hunk of metal you will ever blow into.
John: I like your trumpet.

Bill: Yeah trombones pretty much suck.
by Trmp buddy. August 31, 2008
God's gift to marching band.

Syn: Perfection
Bos trump 1. "WOW!!! The Spirit of Saginaws trumpets are amazing"

Bos trump 2. "I know if only we were a tenth as good as them maybe they wouldn't only hear the clarinets"
by $UP3RFL3TCH October 23, 2010
A diminutive clone of a ginger-wigged billionaire with a penchant for mini-golf and ensuring everything it touches bears its name.
That ol' Trumpet's building a new golf course... on Mercury, no less.
by Sweet Gargler April 09, 2011
The most amazing, awesome, beautiful, bad-ass, breathtaking instrument ever to be obtained by us from the Gods themselves.
Those who possess the ability to produce a beastly sound from this sacred metal instrument shalt be forever known as demi-gods, and shall be worshiped by all others who do not possess such abilities. (especially string players)
Trumpet Player: 'I play the trumpet'.
String Player: 'omg i'm not worthy!' *bows*
by A DEMI GOD June 12, 2012
A Trumpet is a Donald Trump supporter who shares his supporting views indiscriminately to whoever happens to be around.
Hey, here comes the Trumpet Orchestra. (Trump supporter parade)

Holy, that Trumpet won't STFU.
by Anonimosit.Y May 16, 2016
When you attempt a fart, but explode instead, splashing yourself with toilet water.

Trumpet victims self-identify online by the trumpet emoji 🎺
I just trumpeted myself while doing that Skype battle!
by OtherJesus June 02, 2016
noun, person

A Donald Trump supporter, usually loud, obnoxious, often bronze in colour, hard to play with and likely give you a headache if listened to for more than 10 minutes.
Did you here that wankpuffin Jeff try and defend the shit that floods from Donald Trumps mouth?

Yeh the guys fucking trumpet.
by richie mc.rich the rich July 27, 2016
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