The most amazing intrument ever.
God: I play the trumpet.

Chuck Norris: No kidding? You too?

Ryan Seacrest: I play the clarinet...
by Carthill June 30, 2010
Trumpet is the coolest instrument in the world. It is usually played by people with big egos but that only provesd they know their instrument is great....
"the trumpet is the best"
"Trumpets rule"
by Trumpetcatz July 30, 2003
Trumpet's are the strongest part of a musical group. Trumpets can be used in orchestras, bands, jazz bands, and other types of groups. They have a large range of notes and volume which is what makes them awesome. There are two types of trumpet players: the egotistical ones who play loudly and the shy and sweet ones who play softly. Usually trumpet players are known as egotistical and it is rare to find a shy and sweet trumpet player. Trumpets are awesome!
Trumpet player one: I played a high c in middle school.
Trumpet player two: Oh yeah well I played a high c in elementry school. I also played this piece in middle school; its so easy.
Trumpet player one: Dude i played this piece in elementry school...
by Sweetness to the extreme December 02, 2006
The funkiest, most coolest, most jazziest, most mellowist, most brightest, most classicalist instrument ever made. Gods version of social darwinism is who he decides should play the trumpet
Person 1: You play the trumpet
Person 2: Yes
Person 1: You are my new God
by T Goyder August 23, 2005
The absolute best, coolest sounding instrument ever. It's a brass instrument with three valves. The trumpets are easy to recognize in most songs, and usually have pretty awesome parts. They usually get solos. Plus all the players look cool when they play...
"A frighteningly good trumpet section"

by Rosie m. June 05, 2006
the most kick-ass instrument ever
most people tend to think that only people with big-egos play it, true YES but that's only what they see

trumpet players rule
Me: bwahahhah I play the trumpet!
Selena Gomez: and i play the flute!

Me: (whacks her with my oh-so EPIC trumpet)
by trumpet hero girl November 06, 2011
1.Gods girt to the marching band.

2.The awesomest hunk of metal you will ever blow into.
John: I like your trumpet.

Bill: Yeah trombones pretty much suck.
by Trmp buddy. August 31, 2008

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