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1. (Verb) To make an egomaniacal, attention-seeking windbag the butt of jokes in hilariously public fashion, such as at a formal White House correspondent's dinner, thereby exposing him as exactly what he is.

2. (Noun) Any such egomaniacal, attention-seeking windbag, especially one having bad hair.
(Verb) A narcissist like that had a trumping coming his way for YEARS...

(Noun) You're so full of yourself, and what's that thing on your head? You're such a trump.
by The Ex-Seraphim May 03, 2011
trump is a stupid-ass-haircut that looks like shit.
Look at that trump, hahaha
by southwest December 07, 2004
(v) When one forces another to watch donald trump for torture purposes.
Hey! I you dont leave me alone, I will trump your sorry ass.
by Quentin Brett February 08, 2007
Adjective; a rich asshole (taken from a famous man who is a very wealthy jerk)
"That Trump kid over there brought a backpack filled with KFC for lunch but won't share with anybody, even though he can't possibly eat an entire backpack filled with fried chicken."
by T-W January 06, 2007
A fuckin really really fat rich kid who loves penis and pays everyone to do stuff for him.
Shut the fuck up TRUMP!! Im sick of your rich/fat/annoying ass
by G.CASH from NESCONSET November 05, 2004
Northern to midlands slang for a fart, expelling of wind from the anus.
Oi who trumped?
Urrgh yuck the dogs gone and trumped again.
by Honest John October 28, 2004
A polite way to suggest the passing of wind.
After a shit I sometimes trump!
by clicker head October 12, 2005
When someone farts, comes from England, kinda.
Did someone just trump?
by Kelsey April 05, 2005