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the most amazing place to grow up in with grassroots and you know everybody there. sure people smokes pot... who gives a s**t, if i had to leave id probably cry. the burg is so cool.
trumansburg is so amazing
by ArielsAmazing May 06, 2009
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In the simplest of terms, middle of nowhere New York. You have no idea how utterly boring this town really is. Its one claim to fame is Taughannock Falls. The tallest waterfall east of the Mississippi. Whoo-freaking-who, so its a tall waterfall. GET A LIFE PEOPLE!!! Another thing, half the kiddies in Trumansburg, commonly know as "The Burg" or just "T-Burg" think they are some badass punks. Honestly, they're all a bunch of pot smoking flower children. Absolutly pathetic. I know this because I grew up there and was one of these pot smoking flower children until I managed to claw my way out of that festering rancid hell hole. You'll notice upon visiting that most of the people who live there, have always lived there...or left for a while and for some psycotic reason, moved back. That town is like a heroin addiction, you just have to come back to it. Its horrible.
Trumansburg is the most pathetic place on earth.
by Mrs. Henkel September 29, 2006

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