confirming a statement, by using indirect references
Rick: I saw Tonya in the mall, and shorty was lookin fine ass hell.
Derrick: True that.
by Dtoney February 12, 2004
"True That" has evolved into Tru Dat and Troo Dat... it means the same as right on
Joe: That chick is hot!
Mike: True That...
by Etni3s February 15, 2004
1.) you know, something true, like "true, it is".

2.) Specifying that something you have been talking about is, in fact, truthfull, or in agreement with something you have been talking about
"Stacy's mom has got it goin on"
"true that"
by Pigpen February 16, 2004
Another slang way of exclaiming "I'm with you on that!" or "Hell(s) yeah!";

the preppy definition of "I concur with your last statement."

Also the East Coast version of the common West Coast exclamation "Right on!"
Malibu Matt: "We should hit those monster swells, bro."
San Diego Sam: "Right on."

Jersey Jim: "I'm'na hit that monster til my hand swells, yo."
Miami Mario: "True that."
by SheighZam! May 09, 2010
said to acknowledge somthing and agree to it.
Jen sullivan is so fat

"True that man"
by the sellout February 14, 2004
that's true, that's correct, yes, I agree
--often used in gansta arguments in resolution
Dude 1: You are dumb
Dude 2: Yo mama is dumb
Dude 1: Jessica Simpson is dumb.
Dude 2: True that...
by Kat February 12, 2004
An affirmation concluding that the previous speaker is correct. It is usually pronounced as 'true dat.'
Person 1: Man, this pron is fucked up!
Person 2: True dat! Her nipple is green!
by pixie February 16, 2004
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