please see taroo storay
Tarooooooo Storaaaaaaaay!
by Unfairman January 12, 2004
word used and made up by a deranged retard who thinks it is cool to try an start up a new word in school, they normaly think that by saying the word ova an ova agen to their frends and amazing bf that it wil catch on, yet it neva does and they end up living in a council flat because they don't do anything at school other than try and persuade people to use the saying '' true story''
LJ - ''Sophie your a retard''
Sophie - '' hmmmmm true story''
by Louis Joy January 19, 2008
By somebody saying "True story", That automaticaly makes ANYTHING said previously by that person COMPLETELY FALSE.
GUY: "I saw this guy and he like totaly did this backflip while crosisng the road...... True story, I seen it myself"

ME: Bull schitt!
by lilshawn June 18, 2004

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