For a definition of 'True Love' look up 'Bullshit'.
True love is nothing but a lie. Just because you think you've found it doesn't mean you're right. Therefore True Love = Bullshit
by xxraindrop December 13, 2006
when two people have a deep feeling for eachother
hey look ashley and richard are going out again it must be true love or it juat might be her big ass]
by aaa May 25, 2004
The biggest lie in recorded human history.
When she married oil billionaire J. Howard Marshall when she was 26 and he was 89, Anna Nicole Smith did it purely out of true love and sex.
by Truthteller2 October 28, 2006
A mythical idea, a fantasy feeling, a temporary emotion brought on by simple lust....
He thought it was true love when they met, but then another girl walked by...
by Chadwin March 16, 2003
When your girlfriend will suck your dick after you just pounded her in the ass.
Sandy's breath stills smells like shit from last week when we experienced true love.
by Thomas Fotheringham January 26, 2007
"Love" is her letting you take it out of her mouth and putting it in her ass...
"True Love" is when she lets you take it out of her ass and put it in her mouth
I truly love that nasty whore...what's her name again?
by PilotMike April 02, 2005
Love like no other, love that is unable to be matched 💕
Yunuen and Leonardo are true love💕❤️
by Fast facts January 25, 2015

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