The feeling that developed between Ashley and Nick that fine day in August at the the train station...
'Nick, you are my true-love'
by Tingles December 12, 2004
True love- What i am in with my girlfriend.
keeping a relationship even though there is a 15 hour time difference between us and still i remain faithful. that is true love.
Kathlean i love you!
by Umbradeo February 17, 2006
Love between to people, who will live together for the rest of their lives.
E.g Ben And Laurel
Ben - I Love you, We should be together forever

Laurel - I Think Its True Love :)
by bagielo June 14, 2009
my beautiful girlfriend, rachel friedler
what happens when nicholas and rachel are together
by nicholas February 03, 2004
'Love' is hard to come by!

"True Love" is surely rare....

'Love' happens when she pulls it out of her mouth and sticks it in her ass.

"True Love" happens when she pulls it out of her ass and sticks it in her mouth.

Love= Mouth to Ass
True Love= Ass to Mouth
by DJ FREENO October 13, 2009
A freakin' sweet DDR song.
Dude, I was glowing on True Love until it got to that part where it sounds like she's saying "abortion, abortion, abortion."
by m2150m2150 November 03, 2007
The biggest lie in recorded human history.
When she married oil billionaire J. Howard Marshall when she was 26 and he was 89, Anna Nicole Smith did it purely out of true love and sex.
by Truthteller2 October 28, 2006

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