Meeting a new person who after time you both fall in love with eachother.

Ending up writing a story that might have an early ending.

See heartbreak.
She loved him with all her heart, but the distance was too great and they couldnt be. He found a new and moved on, yet she did not. He loved her once. True love. But sadly the miles seperated them. She was the one to make the decision... yet found that it was a mistake. She wants him. She needs him. She loves him.

Yet he's off on some summer trip with his new love making new memoriess and fading the old.
by Rian Star June 14, 2008
The love that is present during all times.
The love that that means everything to both sex's
The love that means more than it was combined.
The love that Sepand has for Rania
Unexplanable love
The moment Sepand met Rania was true love at it will be till the moment that the world ends.
True love. So many words describe those two words.True love is when you get a feeling that something bad has happen to him. When you would talk to his girlfriend so he won't get hurt the way you would. It is when you would go to the end of the world for him. When you give your everything to try to help him. When you shake, get chills, or get butterflies just thinking about him. When you know everything and anything about him. True love is when you you cry for two years over him even though yall only went out for 8 months. It is when every song and place reminds you of him. True love lasts forever and eternity.
True love lasts forever.
I think I am in love.
I know I am.
Dexter I love you.
I want to marry you.
I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
by MiSS JUSTiNA December 02, 2007
Everyone says that True Love is when you with that one person, who you can't live without, or you'll die if your not with that one person. Well thats entirly wrong. true love is when you find someone and you chose not to live life without them cause anyone can live without someone it's just when you don't want to live without that one person is when you find true love.
no example............i had it once though and the girl tore my heart out ate it spit it back up and then took a shit on it. We'll see what happens with True Love
by Mike Barnes June 16, 2006
The kind of love theresa has in phillip and the kind of love she shows him back.
\"Theresa i truely love you\"
by Phillip Morone April 26, 2005
When a couple hasn't actually formally met yet, has been going out for two months already, and the whole time it's been a long distance relationship.
Hey man, Lew and Theo have been going out for a long time even though they're in different states man!
That's true love.
by Gengis Ganj May 12, 2011
a feeling that is more painful in the end than wonderful while it grows
why did I ever get myself into this mess? i never thought that i would become so attached to this person. the pain and suffering i am experiencing right now is so much powerful than our love ever was.
by Slatz May 22, 2005
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