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the feeling that comes when you meet the person who is more compatible with you than anybody else, and the feeling is mutual
my beautiful girlfriend rachel friedler
by nicholas February 03, 2004
The definition of true love is....... well its in you and to be found with that someone special. youll find someone that will make you feel so great and they will do the same its the greatest. theyre there when you need em when no one else is they will say they love you even if your mad and stopping talking to them. they endure all pain to be with you. they are are part of you. true love is the greatest thing ever then rugby but the feeling you share the pointless i love you more arguements it all bring you close and thats why its in you. you cant describe it youll always find yourself tring to tell her how much she means or vice versa but you cant cause theres so much youll think of things you love everyday. thats true love.
baby your just everything and more I dont even know where to begin, I cant believe how good true love feels
by Rugbyflankeresq February 21, 2012
The feeling that nothing else matters in the entire universe but the way he smells, tastes, feels, holds your hand, and kisses your forehead.
True love is Sleeping in the same bed as someone and you both still dream about eachother.
by Beckadonk January 20, 2012
Jacob and Ivana, she will do anything to make him happy and see him smile. She loves him with all her heart and that will never change.
Bob: I wish i had someone who loved me like that.

Timmy: Well you have to be in a relationship first bro.

Bob: Then I wish i was in a relationship like that.

Timmy: Well it has to be true love like Ivana and Jacob. DUHH.

by RainbowKushh January 12, 2012
It is not the desire to have sex with the one you love...it's more than that. It's the feeling of having your heart splash into your stomach when you see her gorgeous face. The times when you go out of your way to walk her to a class when you know you will be late to yours. It's always being there and listening to every word that comes out of her lips. It's sticking up for her when people look down upon her. It's putting her over you and making sure that she is happy when you may not be. It's making her feel like a goddess and holding her tight. Having her sleep on your arms when you're wide awake. It's typing a sweet message to her when she's sick and dropping by and feeding her. There are no words that can define what is true love. Only true happiness will one know if they're truly in love.
when you know what is best for her and not you. that is only true love
by triple_threat34 October 17, 2011
when you cant explain what is happening to you,the person you love means the world to you, you feel empty without them
everytime you hear or see them u get a feelin deep down u jst wana hold them n lay in there arms forever
and never let go
having sex isnt jst pure lust n thrust
its who u do it with
pure love is only something u inside can feel no1 else can explain it only u can put words for it
|x| t o o "M Y" s e x y b a b y |x|
|x| l o v e y h o o w i t a l l m y |x|
|x| H E A R T |x|
|x| A N D M O R E......F O R E V E R |x|
|X|A N D E V E R |X|
|x|T h i s i s t r u e l o v e |x|
|x|you know true love when u find it!trust me!
by i cant let go off my baby boo January 27, 2007
The feeling that means you want to spend your life together.
True Love is the relationship between Danielle and Noah.
by jkdl;aj September 24, 2011