The Feeling You Have When You Realize That You Are So Emotionally Attached To Someone, That You Realize You Can't Ever Bare To Live Without Them.

The Feeling Of... Redemption When They Tell You That They Love You & You Feel Like You're Suddenly Floating On A Cloud.

The Feeling You Get When You See Their Name Come Up On The Caller I.D.

The Feeling You Get After You Have Kissed Him & You're Just Resting Your Head On His Shoulder.

When You're Hanging Out With Them.. And You Only See Them & Nobody Elsee.

The Way You Laugh & Talk To Them.. It's Different Than How You Talk To Others.

You Can Confine To Them About Anything & Everything.

It's When You Can Talk To Someone For Hours At A Time & Never Get Bored.

It's When It Doesn't Matter What You're Doing, It Just Matters That You're With The One You Love.

When It Doesn't Matter The Flaws.. It Just Matters That You Have Someone That Amazing That Cares About You.

&& Who You Care About Just As Muchh. <3
People May Think True Love Is Complete Bullshit, But I Know That Someday, I'll Find My Man.

What We Have Is What I Call True Love.
by sandyy.raa [: February 17, 2010
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Everyone says that True Love is when you with that one person, who you can't live without, or you'll die if your not with that one person. Well thats entirly wrong. true love is when you find someone and you chose not to live life without them cause anyone can live without someone it's just when you don't want to live without that one person is when you find true love.
no example............i had it once though and the girl tore my heart out ate it spit it back up and then took a shit on it. We'll see what happens with True Love
by Mike Barnes June 16, 2006
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True love is being with the person you love even if they are already married (because the love the other person previously thought was their true love turned out not to be) and betraying the Allied Forces by giving secret information to the Nazis, and thereby allowing others to be killed or injured e.g. having thumbs cut off, just so that you can reach the one you love even though she/he has already died from blood loss, thirst etc in an ancient desert cave.
"Promise me you'll come back for me. "
"I promise, I'll come back for you. I promise, I'll never leave you."
And that's true love!
by TherealAlmasy December 19, 2012
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"Love" is her letting you take it out of her mouth and putting it in her ass...
"True Love" is when she lets you take it out of her ass and put it in her mouth
I truly love that nasty whore...what's her name again?
by PilotMike April 02, 2005
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True love. So many words describe those two words.True love is when you get a feeling that something bad has happen to him. When you would talk to his girlfriend so he won't get hurt the way you would. It is when you would go to the end of the world for him. When you give your everything to try to help him. When you shake, get chills, or get butterflies just thinking about him. When you know everything and anything about him. True love is when you you cry for two years over him even though yall only went out for 8 months. It is when every song and place reminds you of him. True love lasts forever and eternity.
True love lasts forever.
I think I am in love.
I know I am.
Dexter I love you.
I want to marry you.
I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
by MiSS JUSTiNA December 02, 2007
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It's the little things that count. Not the kisses or big things.

You know it's true love when: (these are sort-of metaphors)

He tells you so.

He'll go see Breaking Dawn with you

He holds your hand

He goes and gets your jacket for you

You wake up and he's the first thing you think about

You want him to be happy all the time

He misses you when you're not there, and you miss him.

You can't truly say how you feel about each other.

You stop looking at Jacob shirtless on the screen and start looking at his hand in yours

You'd jump if he jumped

You know if he went mad or became horribly ugly and scarred you'd still be there. And so would he.

It's wanting all of your friends to meet him because he's so great.

It's when you don't need to kiss him, just holding each other is enough

It's loving the bad things about him.

You say "I love you" but you don't feel finished.

It's when you smile when you think about him.

It's when your heart breaks when he's sad

You keep picturing your wedding dress and your kids, and when you tell yourself it's not going to happen, you can't imagine it any other way.

When you could just sit there with them, say nothing, and feel amazing.

because it's all for them.

Thanks guys if you want more just comment!
They just sat there, holding hands, her leaning against him, smiling, and not talking, but it was the most beautiful thing in the world. True Love.
by GirlThat'sTotallyInLove April 15, 2012
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True love is the purest kind of love there is. It is unconditionally Loving someone with all you have give it touches the soul and heart. The feeling of that person being with you all the time. In your thoughts your at all times. Wanting to make them happy and please them all the time. Feeling worm when you are cold just by thinking of them. The feeling of being high without any drugs. The feeling of being complete and calm. When they are in your thoughts and seeing them puts you on a cloud. Having them love you back is a greater feeling. Sharing true love together you can overcome any optical that life has to offer. People love family, friends their possessions but when you are truly in love with someone there is nothing greater.
I have this feeling of true love for you. I hope everyone can find their true love.
by Richie D'love August 01, 2016
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