True love is spinning out of control, jumping into a pile of autumn leaves, never wanting to get off of the tire swing on a summers evening, taking a nap with your love while the breeze gently sways the hammock, looking into the eyes of a child, sweet sweet kisses wrapped in a soft comfortable embrace.
My high school true love, my friend.
by Lisa Kay August 07, 2006
true love is the souls recognition of its counter-point in another.when you find that counter-point all the knowledge you have will seize to exsist and all you will see is that counter-point.
i am so in love with her. she makes me so happy i dont know what to do with myself.
by chafreakinyeahduh August 16, 2005
The courage to love someone and PROVE it, every day.
Love is more than just a word, it's an action put into motion by truth ~ True Love
by Alexia0505 July 02, 2012
The act of sucking the penis after it has been in the arse.
Example 1:
Guy 1: Hey dude, met a girl last night, she believed in True Love.

Guy 2: Nice.

Example 2:
Girl 1: Performed a little True Lovin last night.
Girl 2: Dirty bitch.
by SwitchView August 16, 2010
True love is the despicable knowledge that someone else owns a part of you that they were inherently born with.

It is knowing that someone lives with a part of you that you cannot ever reclaim, no matter how close you get to them. There is no way to truly own another person, but you try anyway because you want--you need--to make sure that that most vulnerable, raw part of yourself they have somehow stolen is kept safe. You do everything in your power to get It back from them and in so trying end up somehow giving up even more of yourself.

You learn immediately to adore them for all their wonders almost as much as you realize you must hate yourself for being so unworthy of all that they are, and then you hate them for making you hate yourself, and then you end up walking around in the middle of the night like a crazy person, trying to put some of the emptiness and darkness inside your chest to crowd the other things out.

True love is when you look up stupid dating advice, and ask all your friends for guidance, and end up setting self-help books on fire because you realize that for all the pondering and all the questions, in the end, nobody really knows a single stupid thing about love. Everyone in the history of the world thinks they know something about love, and if every single one of them told you to give it up, you'd have to tell them that you can't.

It is the great, rushing human problem.
Think of your true love. You should be appalled that there are spaces in your life that have not been filled by them.
by snappleducated April 29, 2013
true love is the feeling in your heart when you wake up and find her next to you. it's the feeling you get when she tells you she wants to have your kids. its when you cut your friend off in mid sentence because she is calling you. its what you feel when she's in your arms. true love knows no boundaries. true love is not being told your loved, its looking in her eyes and seeing that your loved. true love is something you would never give up even with a gun to your head.
True love is the love i feel for my girlfriend (god willing, soon to be wife) Candace.
by james and candace forever <3 July 16, 2010
Love is when you want to get married after talking to him for just one night. Love is when you pick out children's names together after the first week. Love is when he screws up and you can't stop yourself from forgiving him. Love is when you hate yourself for loving him and you still can't stop. Love is when you are willing to give up everything and anything to be with him. Love is when you're not together and everything still reminds you of him. When every love song and chick flick makes sense. When fairytales become true. When everything feels like it will be ok as long as you are together. When the feeling doesn't change no matter how long it's been. When you can fight about everything in the world, but you are still in love no matter what. When all you want is to let him know that you still love him.
True love is always enough.
by ellieup February 17, 2010
when two people are so emotionally and physical connected they feel nothing can tear them apart and that these feeling will last forever.
When two inline teammates go on a tournament and fill their bathtub in the hotel room up with ice and beer. They get crush all their brews and one guy punches the other guy in the face because he thought the dude touched his laptop, when the guy that owned the laptop clearly said "do not touch my laptop". Once they both come to the conclusion that the laptop was not touched, an apology made and the song Bucket by Carly Rae Jepson comes on to the TV. They both sing passionately together, forgetting about their previous altercation. That is true love
by Hubbs19 January 07, 2010

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