True love is spinning out of control, jumping into a pile of autumn leaves, never wanting to get off of the tire swing on a summers evening, taking a nap with your love while the breeze gently sways the hammock, looking into the eyes of a child, sweet sweet kisses wrapped in a soft comfortable embrace.
My high school true love, my friend.
by Lisa Kay August 07, 2006
Something girls feel when they have dranken too much and something guys fear.
I rolled off Rachel and then came the endless phone calls and i love yous
by Rachel February 24, 2005
The stupidest shit I've ever heard.
"We've been going out for 2 days now. We were made for each other...this is true love".
by TheTruthAndNothingButIt April 24, 2010
True love- What i am in with my girlfriend.
keeping a relationship even though there is a 15 hour time difference between us and still i remain faithful. that is true love.
Kathlean i love you!
by Umbradeo February 17, 2006
The feeling that developed between Ashley and Nick that fine day in August at the the train station...
'Nick, you are my true-love'
by Tingles December 12, 2004
Love between to people, who will live together for the rest of their lives.
E.g Ben And Laurel
Ben - I Love you, We should be together forever

Laurel - I Think Its True Love :)
by bagielo June 14, 2009
my beautiful girlfriend, rachel friedler
what happens when nicholas and rachel are together
by nicholas February 03, 2004
'Love' is hard to come by!

"True Love" is surely rare....

'Love' happens when she pulls it out of her mouth and sticks it in her ass.

"True Love" happens when she pulls it out of her ass and sticks it in her mouth.

Love= Mouth to Ass
True Love= Ass to Mouth
by DJ FREENO October 13, 2009

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