my definition of true love is when you live and would be willing to die for that one person if a situation like that would occur, which is rare and mostly seen in movies

in the real world, that is hard to acheive
true love .... what is true love
a ongoing committment day to day through the bad the shitty the good and the bitter friggin end
by falllenSoldier January 19, 2008
A feeling where you cannot bare to be apart from a certain person for long, where you can clearly picture their face in your mind, where you know you can tell them anything and they will litsen, where you don't need to have sex or alchohol to make a night special and just being in each others company makes you forget your troubles.
True love is when the person you love unconditionally feels the same way about you, where you know you can trust each other and never want to be with anyone else ever again.
It can be instant 'love at first sight' and can also grow over time.
When i first saw you i knew you were special, not i know i have found my true love.
by Tarasia December 11, 2007
True love is the feeling of true happiness. Two angels swinging among the stars with their love engraved on the moon. And two hearts that grew in sync as one, with the rhythm of the beat. True love touches two souls to bind them together and hands locked so they can never let go. True love shapes the feeling of never saying goodbye because the pain is so pure when we do. Love fills through the tears that flow from our eyes onto a page of a book when we write about him or her. Or when we sing to each other from the bottom of our hearts right before we go to sleep. When we dream about how things are meant to be and its only us against the world. True love is infinity. It is who we really are. Two hearts that have always remained the same as the distance span the miles.

It is until that day, when they first meet, that their first kiss bring them what they have always wished for among the stars. No matter what. They'll place their love within the stars.
There's a couple whom I know of. They're love is so pure and cute. They would race to the moon before they went to bed. If not, whoever isnt there is a square.

Really? Who?

Kristi and Louie . They are meant to be. They are one of a kind.

The truest love is very rare. It seems there is a special one out there.

I heard their first kiss was under the stars in the dark moonlight. Now that's true love.
by Luna93 September 11, 2013
something that only exists in fairytales

ps. its always on the last page </3
1. patrick will like maria the day before she dies
2. george will like amanda the day before she dies

chicken and koolaid..<3 is true love
by pookieeee January 17, 2008
True love is when two people, will do anything to be with each other, nothing will get in their way. They show it to everyone and everyone knows their in love when they are out in public. A single text gets them filled with butterflies. They get weak kneed when around each other. they are the perfect match. nothing can hold them back from showing their true & deep feelings.
Jose- you are my one and only, i want you and only you, no one else matters to me. I am blind to reality when i'm around you because when i talk to you i feel like i am in a sweet dream & i never wanna wake up from it.

Ana- thats called true love, what we have really is true love. i love you.
by hahahahimcool March 01, 2010
true love is that when you look back n realize that all the" i love yous u" have said to all the others mean absolutely nothing compared to what u feel with your present partner that not even the words "i love you" are enough to describe how much u feel for them.. true love is when after a wonderful friendship you both realize thatt there is more to yall>> its when u see them n realized how much u missed him/her even if it was just a day u havent seen them its when you are together and even the silence is beautiful as long as ur in their arms watching whatever view>> its when u go looking for a meaning of waht love is and realizing that not a even the most beautiful words put together can explain wat u feel for that person >> its when you have "loved" n been deceived n u still give yourself the chance to try it w that person because something inside of you tells u this time would be different>> true love is when u want the best for both of yall and know that there is perfection out there and it is you and him/her >> true love is what makes every minute worthy of living,,, its when u kiss and all u feel is an overwhelming sweet warmth all over u >> its when u realize hes everything u can not live without>>>>it is when you can say anything and be yourself becuause they love you for who you are defects and all

n as u looked for a definition u realized u had to make ur own because the love u feel for them is unique no one else can explain it but yourself
after 4 years of knowing eachother n 2 years of not being together we realized we felt so much more for eachother that we had to be together as "one" and i truly feel that the feelings that came back are the ones that never left>> u are the best that has ever happend to me n i love you sooo much that its just crazy how u mean everything to me n u truly are the guy i dreamt of n thank you baby for loving me karla and Ino cheers to many more years :P itruly belive we were meant to be ever since we met i have known we are true love yall overwhelming
by k/i the best January 04, 2010
The courage to love someone and PROVE it, every day.
Love is more than just a word, it's an action put into motion by truth ~ True Love
by Alexia0505 July 02, 2012
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