It's when someone is so important to you that you would do anything, and you just want to hold them and hug them and stay with them and protect them forever and ever and you don't just want sex, you want to be close and sweet and love each other, when you still get the beautiful chills when you see them no matter where or what either of you look like.
I hope to someday find my true love...
#love #crush #we #sweet #together
by p.s.iloveyou July 14, 2008
Complete. Whole. Without need. Intellectual, emotional, physical...
True Love is not impossible, just hard sometimes.
#content #entire #without desire for more #self-sacrificing #fulfilling
by THE REAL JULIA March 20, 2007
True love is very rare, unique, special yet everyone should have the blessing of experiencing it. It is not about feeling just an infatuation with another person. Nor is the deep attraction based merely on physical attractiveness of your parter. It is about a connection which happens between two souls and you see things in your partner that is not visible to anyone else in the world. True love is when you find you can put your significant others interests above your own. It is when you will do anything to see them happy, even if it means sacrificing your own needs. Without sacrifice, true love is meaningless. It's just an label with empty meaning. Giving your partner that unconditional love and standing by them no matter what the circumstances... this is called true love. When you can look into your partner's eyes and tell them that everything will be okay regardless of how hard other's may try to separate you from each other. It means holding your partners hand in times of happiness and sadness and even if your relationship may be rocky, it just makes it all the more stronger when you reach the peak. Finding your true love means you can be yourself around them without having to put on any pretenses. And honesty is a sign of true love.
When your partner can tell you something so deep, so intrinsic to their existence, that means your partner trusts you and that is a sign of true love. True love is having devotion, compassion, passion, love, honesty, sacrifice, no expectations, trust, hope, believe, respect and understanding (just to name a few). In essence, true love is a miracle and miracles must be cherished and never let go of. And when you find that true love - tell your partner how you feel. Never keep it inside because its the most precious gift.

True love:
1) is very special and it must be nurtured and trusted
2) is being able to put your partners happiness before your own
3) means not using manipulation or hurt against your parter
4) is a promise, a bond, and once given is never forgotten
5) is the union of two souls which fit together
6) is about seeing your partner perfectly through your eyes
7) is about sticking with your partner through thick and thin regardless of what has happened in the past, what is happening in the present, and what will happen in the future
8) is everlasting, youthful and eternal

"True love is what we share, I love you always. And am here to commit to all the above. Trust"
#true love #everlasting #youthful #eternal #special #soul mates #happiness #sacrifice
by trueloveisthetruth June 01, 2010
The unconditional feeling that you feel for another person. You don't have reasons for loving, you just do. Even if the feeling isn't mutual. The feeling that inspires, that revives, sometimes even hurts. Age, Looks, Social Status, What others think doesn't matter. The sometimes ecstatic, sometimes excruciating blessing from heaven.
What Jesus Christ did for humanity.

When a person thinks about growing old together and not about getting in someone else's pants.

The story in where a 17 year old falls in love with a 13 year old. Where he truly loved her and didn't have the guts to tell her
by John Raef February 09, 2005
When you drink a litre of coke before you go to bed just so you can lie awake all night thinking about her.
"It's true love, I stayed up all night on a caffeine high thinking about her."
by JR June 24, 2005
something no one can stop. something real that few people really feel. something that you would kill for, something you would die for. something most people claim, and most people don't deserve. and that is why they loose it if they some how do get it.
People who are still married and in love after 50 years are in true love. or People who kill or die for their lover.
#real love #real #lust #die #marriage
by McKenzie Baldock March 22, 2007
Two people who are in love and are truly meant to be together forever.
Ronan McCloskey+Kevin Helms= true love
#love #relationships #people #freinds #boyfreinds #girlfriends
by KevinHelms December 07, 2005
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