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Someone who doesn't know the difference between there, their, and they're when writing. The true loser has horrible grammar, showing a general lack of education. Losers will neglect punctuation, and commonly drop the "g" when utalizing gerands. The true loser's attitutes toward sexuality and cannabis use also reflect a general lack of knowledge or curiosity. Generally, the 'true loser' is an idiot.
I tried to discuss Camus with a true loser the other day, but he said he only likes reality shows featuring Ted Nugent. After which, he kicked over my bong and called his DARE officer.
by ArmenTamzarian December 01, 2010
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some one who has no life but thinks they do because it filled with lots of fun things, so they think. This persons life may consist of lots of stupid stuff like smokin weed everyday thinking that there cool or that there ghetto, or drinkin every weekend. To me, a loser is someone who can only have fun when there out of it, it truely shows what kind of person they are when thay can only have fun when there not themselves. these people are generally boring losers who can only have fun by in the long run....damaging themselves
" Man all she does now is get drunk and smoke weed....she's a true loser"
" She only waited 3 days of going out with him before fuckin him when they broke up a week later, what a fuckin true loser.
" man look at them low life losers that think there cool smoking weed and everything else. They should be getting there education not acting stupid"
by gsnail December 15, 2005

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