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Generally homosexual men who have a fetish for anonymous sex with truck drivers. The men generally meet for sex in the truckers sleeper and are the homosexual equilivent of a lot lizard or what is referred to as commercial company.

Historically, truckersuckers would meet in rest areas, truck stops or other risky venues. Once the internet became a widespread place for social networking, truckersuckers were able to connect on webistes such as where personal ads can be placed and truckers search by location to find a sucker to meet.

The term truckersucker can be taken as a man who provides oral service to a truck driver, or in the context " he is a sucker for a trucker ".
I hooked with him on truckersucker or He is a Sucker for a Trucker, He is a truckersucker. I think I will get a truckersucker tonight, its been a long haul.
by GTUSA September 07, 2007
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