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A large mouthed plastic bottle (think Gatorade) used by a trucker in lieu of other facilities. True road kings can use one while holding 65. Some truckers dispose of trucker's toilets by tossing them out the window, and if you keep an eye out, you'll spot these half-full gems along interstates everywhere.
With a wind chill of -40 on Wyoming's I-80, Todd decided to forgo the Rest Area. The trucker's toilet in the heated cab of his Kenworth came in real handy.
by tuftskins November 30, 2009
a 32 oz. Gatorade bottle.
When having to pee and stopping for a more pressing reason is not readily materializing, such as stopping for fuel, trucker Jeff chooses to tinkle in his riptide rush trucker's toilet while driving down the road.
by anonymoustaylor March 24, 2011
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