To steal or cleverly take without permission.
Your car just got trucked!
Somebody trucked my wallet.
Your stuff just got trucked.
by rriley January 23, 2009
Hitting someone else with the trucks (axles for non-skaters) of the skateboard, which are located on the underside of a skateboard.

This occurs when the whole board is being used as a weapon.
I trucked that asshole with my board.
by Psycho Bob March 03, 2003
drunk to a high degree
The other night, Bucky got so trucked, she ended up passing out, half in the hot tob, half out.
by jordania May 12, 2005
when a gay ass kid named Ruben Saenz sucks your dick really hard while your driving a Truck or 18 wheeler and then asks you to ass fuck him.
Yo Eric i heard ruben Trucked his daddy.
by omar loredo April 06, 2003
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