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A skateboarder who thinks their the shit, but in reality can't even kick flip the board.
Yo man you see that truck fucker bail and smash his face off the ground.
by Scribe January 02, 2005
Large pickup truck or SUV drivers who cut you off because they think that since they are larger than you they are more deserving of your current location. They can often be found blocking the aisle while trying to back into a small parking spot.
That truckfucker cut me off! I'm glad he has to pay so much more for gas than I do.
by MaxPower42 February 09, 2012
scribe,u r completly wrong man,a truck fucker is a dude that goes to my school named adam catrett,we cuaght him with his wang in the tail pipe of a ford f-150!no for real he gets a "rush" from that!!
o my fuckin god jeff!!!look at adam he has his wang stuck inn that truck!no adam don't turn around; we dont wanna c!!!
by kyle March 22, 2005
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