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We can thank the truck for making skyscrapers, the interstate system, and modern life the wway it is. Without big trucks to hual cargo and supplies, it would still be like the 1800's.
I drive a '93 Dodge D-150 with a 2" lift and 33s. The engine is the old 360 LA model with headers and a brand spankin' new Holley 4-bbl.
by Myajd jdg July 28, 2005
13 58
Asoociated with the phrase "lets get a move on"
Lets Truck
by raisen April 17, 2004
7 57
n. a pimp "G" ride, an esclade or a lincon navagator
"yo pimp i was crusing last night in my mad truck, busting out those mad 22s"
by jimmyjo November 25, 2002
2 62
an SUV on rims and low pro tires such as a chevy avalanche, cadillac escalade, lincoln navigator, ford expedtion etc, thats usually black
yall wanna creep wit me to tha club in my new truck?
aight nigga lets go
by criccet October 07, 2005
4 70
usually a retarded vechile drivin by people who hate ricers, and imports. often having a huge retarded lift and big pointless tires. can be cool, but only if it is a small truck and is lowered to the point that it is on or nearly on tha ground. in order for a truck to be cool it needs to have some or all of the follwing: hydros (airbags) a tonneau cover, a kick ass system, big ass rims with low pro tires, an upgraded engine, and many other things.
retarded truck guy one: hey look at that import, maybe I should park my truck on it.
retarded truck guy two: haha ya that would be funny, hey there are cars parked on both sides of the road, we can't drive this thing because its too fucking big and gay.
retarded truck guy one: oh well we can park it here and suck eachothers dicks and maybe by next May all those cars will be gone, and I can drive this piece of shit.
by I fuck dumb bitches April 27, 2005
15 85