to hit someone with the trucks on a skateboard (the bits the wheels spin on)
alternatives are to deck someone (hit them with the deck of the board)
if you insult me ill fucking truck you
by wannabebi July 07, 2006
the word "drunk" when slurred after 6 straight shots of tequilla.
Dude, I'm soo truck!!!!!!!!
by T.J. Shillingsford Jr. November 17, 2003
v. to pick up (truck)
"schemin' on my son 'cause they know that n*gga truck whores" -- Sean Price (Heltah Skeltah fame)
by Freelance Gynecologist June 25, 2006
a dude's dick,penis,etc.
"yo, suck my truck beeyatch!"
by harry balz December 21, 2005
A girl, stealthy way of saying girl, woman or beeatch.
Check out the truck on the left!
by Owen December 28, 2002
Refers to large. Especially in regards to jewelry.
Ghostface wears truck jewelry.
Eric B wears truck jewelry.

Damn! That guys jewelry is truck!
by SCM ONE September 16, 2005
to roll on, to live, just to go about livin
"I'll see ya later, truck easy."
by n00b1234345345 August 01, 2005

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