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Any large-bodied or extremely sad looking person, they must be overweight and not be aware of the previous fact.
Dude, that chick is a total truck and she doesn't even know it.
by ihardlyeverreallylaughoutloud November 28, 2009
7 10
a large vehicle with damaging properties
hey that dude looks like hes been hit by a truck
by train smash January 23, 2004
37 40
witch - an ugly person
"Tell your wife that she looks prtty, even if she looks like a truck"
by Luis November 06, 2004
47 51
the things that wheels spin on on a skateboard
he showed me how to replace the trucks
by me May 16, 2005
30 35
Not the internet, because its a series of tubes.
The internet is not something you just dump something on. It's not a truck.

-Ted Stevens
by Monica Anna November 11, 2006
62 68
A person that pays for a prostitute (Specifically a nasty, dirty one) and is completely run by said prostitute. The word is a variance of trick.
That dude's a damn truck if he's paying for that nasty bitch.
by Bounce.Nerd November 10, 2009
1 8
A nicer way to say Fuck
"What the truck was that?"

by Jakeisdank July 10, 2008
11 18